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Am I allowed to forward alerts that I receive to others? What is the CFP copyright policy?

No, you may not forward your CFP alerts to others. All information sent on the CFP system is the property of CFP. It is intended for the sole use of our membership. Any dissemination, rebroadcast or re-transmission of this information (without permission) is prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination without any refund given.

Businesses fraudulently signing up as regular members who should be contracted as commercial clients will be held liable at commercial rates for the entire length of their subscription.

For additional information, see our Terms of Use.

I changed my cell company and my CFP service stopped. Why?

If you changed cell carriers, we will need to know this to update our system, even if you kept the same phone number. To continue to receive alerts, please notify us if you change a number, your cell provider, or change your email address. Use this form to do so.

What is meant by the term “DELAYED” in an alert? Exactly what time standards are applied to an alert?

Incidents on our system that are older than 30 minutes old are flagged as DELAYED. If an incident is older than six hours, we typically do not send out an alert.

I can’t remember my CFP number. What should I do?

Visit our contact page, and choose “I need to retrieve my CFP number please” on the Contact Request drop-down.


I would like to subscribe, but I don’t feel comfortable using a credit-card on-line. What options do I have?

Contact our office at 919-449-5148, and we will complete your order over the phone, or we can arrange for you to pay by check.

Can I pay by check?

Yes. Contact our office at 919-449-5148 so that we can complete your order and arrange for you to pay by check.

Reporting an Incident

How do I report an emergency incident?

Members and guests have several options available to report an emergency incident that meets our dispatch criteria.

  • Use the online form to Submit an Incident
  • Call our toll free Hot Line. This number is issued to you when you subscribe, and is contained in the  morning test message issued at 09:00 hours daily
  • Send in an email to the address contained in the morning test message

Note: if you need access to either the Hot Line number or email address, please contact our office.


What is the CFP refund policy?

To cancel services, please call our office at 919-449-5148. We will gladly refund the outstanding balance on your account. If you cancel your service within the first thirty days of initiating service, you will be issued a complete refund. Refunds will be issued in the form of a business check.

Commercial accounts are subject to additional terms. Review them here.


Who are the CFP Dispatchers?

Dispatchers are dedicated individuals who enjoy monitoring multiple fire departments in their areas. They listen to as many departments as they can, as often as they can. They in turn enjoy sharing this information with others and are interested in actively participating in the network. Procedures and tools have been developed over the years to assist in their training and operations. While dispatchers are not paid for their participation, they do of course receive the CFP service for free.


What weather alert options are available to members?

Members receive severe weather alert information directly from the National Weather Service as it is issued. Information is delivered on a per county basis. You can choose as many or a few counties as you desire. This service is included at no additional charge to your regular membership.



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