Abbreviations and Codes

The following are typical abbreviations and codes used by CFP Dispatchers in Alerts.

Numbers 123×123 building dimensions
1&1 1 engine and 1 ladder
2&1 2 engines and 1 ladder
2-1.75″ two inch and three quarter-inch handlines
E2>E4 Engine 2 covering Engine 4
Special XXXs lower case “s” indicates plurality
XXX’G indicates action
XXX’D indicates past tense
A ABDN abandoned
AC Assistant Chief
ADDL additional
ADJ adjacent
ALM alarm
ALS advanced life support
AMB ambulance
APPROX approximately
APT apartment
B B brush truck or mini-pumper
btwn between
BC Battalion Chief
BLDG building
BLK block
BLS basic life support
BSMT basement
C C car or Chief
CIV civilian
CLR clear
CMD Command
COMM commercial
COND condition
CORR correct
CTL control
CTY county
D D/W/H doubtful will hold (indicates incident will escalate)
DC District, Deputy, or Division Chief
DEF defensive mode
DWLG dwelling
E E engine
EMS emergency medical service
EN RTE en route
ENG engine
EQV equivalent
EVAC evacuate
EXP exposure
EXT extension/extended/extensive
EXTR exterior
F F/I fully involved
FC Field Communications Unit
FD fire department
FF firefighter
FLR floor
FM Fire Marshal
FMO Fire Marshal’s Office
FRM frame
FS fire station
G GAL gallons
GSW gun shot wound
H H/L hoseline or handline
H2O water
HELO helicopter
HL CFP Hot Line
HM haz-mat
HOSP hospital
HVY heavy
I IC Incident Command
INJ injury
INT interior
INV fire investigator
K K tanker/tender
L L ladder
L/P ladder pipe
L/S/O hose lines stretched and operating
L/T life threatening injuries
LAD ladder
LDH large diameter hose
LEO law enforcement officer
LRG large
LZ landing zone
M M medic
M/A mutual aid
MCI mass casualty incident (6+ injuries)
mi miles (distance)
MULT multiple
MVC motor vehicle collision
N NAT GAS natural gas
NEG negative
NON-L/T non life threatening injuries
nr near
NUM numerous
O O/A on arrival
O/N overnight
O/O/S Dispatcher out of service
O/S on scene
O/T overturned
OFF offensive mode
OP operation
P P pumper
P/W/H probably will hold (indicates incident stable)
PAR personnel accountability report
PD police department
PIO Public Information Officer
POSS possible
PRI primary search
PVT private
PROB problem
PROG progress
Q Q quint
R R rescue
RED+ Red Cross
REQ request
RES rescue
RESD residential
RESP respond
RIT Rapid Intervention Team
RPT report
RRT Regional Response Team
S S/C special call
SEC secondary search
SEV severe
SEVL several
SHWG showing
SMK smoke
SNKL Snorkel
SO Sheriff’s Office
SQ squad
SRCH search
STY story
SUBJ subject
SVC service
T T truck
T/L tower ladder
T/T tractor trailer
TL tower ladder unit designation
TRK truck
U UNKN unknown
USAR urban search and rescue
V VAC vacant
VAR various
VEH vehicle
W w/ with
WD wood
WRHSE warehouse
WX weather
X X-FRM across from
XMIT transmit
XPORT transport
X-ST cross street
Y y/o years old