State Fire Marshal’s Office and State Fire Associations – Subscribe to Alerts

CAROLINAS FIRE PAGE is pleased to provide emergency incident alert information to the Officers and Staff of the State Fire Marshal’s Office for both North and South Carolina as well as both State Firefighters’ Associations.

CFP has been in constant operation since 1995 and strives to provide accurate and timely information on emergency incidents that occur in both states. We are pleased to offer this service to these organizations at absolutely no charge.

Alerts can be sent to an email address and/or as an SMS message to a cell phone.

Alerts are concentrated on the Fire-Rescue service. CFP only sends alerts that qualify as a “Working Incident”.

Alerts are available on a per-county basis or for a whole state.

Additional options include:

  • Option to receive all Multiple Alarms sent in a state.
  • Major incidents, which may include: Departmental MVCs, Explosions, Firefighter Death Notifications, Injured Firefighters, Major Haz-Mats, Major Vegetation Fires, Plane Crashes, Severe Weather Incidents, Structural Collapses and Multi-Patient Incidents.
  • Special Incident categories are available for Fire Fatalities and Fire Sprinkler System Activations.
  • Multiple Alarms from our affiliate networks from around the country – starting at 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Alarm levels.
  • Severe weather alerts on a per county basis.