NEW – Push Notifications

Now you can receive CFP alerts to your smartphone or iPad as a push notification.

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Receive critical alerts as a banner or pop-up badge in the fastest way possible. Assign your choice of attention getting sounds and set custom “quiet hours”.

Download the app from Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. Try it free for five days. The cost of the Pushover app is $4.99.

(CAROLINAS FIRE PAGE is not affiliated with Pushover or Superblock, LLC and is only suggesting the use of this app as a push notification provider. CFP does not receive any compensation from the purchase of this app. Use and install at your own risk.)

After you have downloaded the app, you will need to visit the Pushover website and sign up so that you can retrieve your Pushover email address. It is highlighted in the image below.


Once you have downloaded and installed the app and have retrieved your Pushover email address, complete this form to add push notifications to your account.

Dispatchers only should use this form.