Become a Dispatcher

We regularly receive inquiries about what it takes to become a CAROLINAS FIRE PAGE Dispatcher. We are always looking to add new contributors to the system.

Our Dispatchers are dedicated volunteers who enjoy listening to fire service radios and scanners. We provide them with training and the tools necessary to dispatch alerts. We currently have web-based Dispatch Consoles and mobile applications that can be used to input data into the system.

We encourage anyone who may be interested in eventually dispatching to go ahead and subscribe to the service to experience the quality and scope of our alerts. If you live in a remote area with relatively few emergencies, you can still contribute to the network by dispatching incidents submitted by others.

Potential Dispatchers are evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  • The agencies they monitor and the amount of time spent monitoring.
  • Ability to comprehend and implement the provided training materials.
  • The availability and commitment to dispatch a minimum of five (5) incidents per month. This is usually a very attainable goal.

Because of the amount of inquiries we routinely receive in regards to dispatching, we typically offer training access several times throughout the year. All training is web-based and can be completed at your own schedule.

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